Sewing frameless furniture

Frameless furniture to order in Kiev

Manufacturing and sewing frameless furniture quickly and efficiently.

If You are a modern man and follow the new products and fashion trends, you have probably heard names such as chair, bag, armchair pear, banana chair, ball chair and so forth. All these products can be in a separate category - frameless furniture.

Frameless furniture is stylish, convenient and comfortable. Frameless furniture can be of different shapes, it can serve as decor and to create a comfort zone in Your home or office. Frameless furniture standard types takes the form of your body and allows you to relax without straining almost weightless. After entering the market in Ukraine, our customers immediately appreciated the dignity and love frameless furniture.

Пошив бескаркасной мебели

Manufacture and production of frameless furniture

To order sewing frameless custom-made furniture is a good choice, because you will be able to determine the size, choose form and find the right fabric or combination of fabric and embroider a picture or some text on Your furniture.

Manufacturer of frameless furniture is made of durable and hypoallergenic materials that will not harm Your health.

To make an order for tailoring frameless furniture , You can call us by phone and we will answer all Your questions.