Garment Factory

Factory clothes Katrina makes clothes for many areas and for different population groups. One of the main directions of the factory is outerwear, this is a very popular and important type of clothing, which all without exception.

Kiev factory of clothes Katrina

Our factory is located in Kiev, we otshivaem clothes for the whole Ukraine and for export to other countries.

Tailoring outerwear factory “Katrina” in Kiev is carried out using latest technology and powerful modern equipment. These factors can produce different models of various clothes at affordable prices. Product assortment is very wide, and of the main are the following:

  • Underwear;
  • Shirts and blouses;
  • Dresses & tunics;
  • Pants and trousers;
  • jackets and outerwear;
  • coat;
  • coats;
  • coats;
  • jackets;
  • athletic clothing.

A variety of models has an original and attractive design, which combines fashion elements and colors as well as classic options suitable for any event. Do not forget about environmentally friendly materials that do not cause allergies and irritation, protecting it from adverse weather conditions. The main options of fabrics to the clothing factory might be such:

  • other

All products are sewn by standard measurements, perfectly adhere to many shapes, and the option of bespoke allows to achieve even better results and to attain uniqueness, based on the desires of the clients. You can choose a short and long model, with hood or without, with pockets, zippers, buckles and other accessories.

Factory outerwear

Factory outerwear Katrina makes jackets, coats and jackets which perfectly protect from the cold, having different variations of internal and external pockets that accentuate the style. Thus for such products are very easy to care for, also they do not lose color and do not shrink, even after many washings. Each of the models clothing factory “Katrina” very thorough and well thought out, so is able to give pleasure to its owner for a very long time.

How to enjoy sewing in clothing factory

Clothes factory “Katrina” has good opportunities for bespoke. Experienced professionals with care will listen to all wishes of the client, with proposed options and efficiently execute the designated project. As a result, any outerwear will turn out great and will stand out from a large variety of standard models. Additional accessories and design elements will help beautify the overall style, making the product much more fashionable and fresh.