Factory children's clothing

Factory of children's clothes Katrina is an excellent manufacturer of quality products that will delight with its variety and great models. Beautiful options you can choose from a wide selection, and order for tailoring to individual sizes and characteristics.

Tailoring of children's clothes at a garment factory

Today, the factory has been producing a very large number of different children's clothing and not only. All collections are constantly updated and products are bright, attractive and natural knitwear, which meets all requirements and standards. The Kyiv factory of children's clothes Katrina offers the following products: clothing – Romper, vests, bodysuits;

2.lingerie – pajamas sets;

3.t-shirts, shorts, sundresses; with the seasons – winter, summer.

The production is very well established with the use of modern technologies and equipment, which is very good effect on the price level, which is affordable for all. Models from the range is not only high quality, safe and reliable, but also meet all the fashion trends, having really great design. The same applies to colours – children's clothes are bright and not boring.

Of the main advantages of factory production Katrina stand out are:

aesthetic appeal;

hygiene and elasticity;

excellent vapour permeability and breathability;

soft and silky;

fashionable style.

To achieve excellent results, the company checks every stage of manufacture, but also employs wonderful professional staff.

How to order tailoring factory “Katrina”

Standard clothing options are a good choice, but sometimes does not fit all, so it is better to order custom tailoring, which will take into account all the details and desires. Factory of children's clothes in Kiev Katrina provides a quality service bespoke, with customers picking up everything you need to create a truly excellent model. It is the individual model will be able to identify the child from the others which will be perfectly suitable for the figure, without causing discomfort.

The factory management is always striving and trying to improve work product quality and diverse product range to meet all requirements and demands. So many of the products already have an excellent popularity, and made-to-order and uniqueness.