Factory sewing shirts and knitwear

Factory sewing shirts Katrina is a very good and popular manufacturer, because it produces quality and reliable products. T-shirts of today are used everywhere due to the fact that you have convenience and comfort, and most importantly, versatility.

Sewing shirts in a clothing factory Katrina

It is rare to meet a person who does not have a t-shirt. This product is very popular and indispensable, despite the fact that it is meant mainly for the warm season. T-shirts can be used under the shirt, sweater or simply wear at home or in a cozy office. Factory sewing shirts “Katrina” mainly uses light knitted fabric, natural or synthetic fabrics. Increasingly popular mixed composition, where the substrate may be natural, but some inserts are made of synthetics that will make the product elastic, durable and wear-resistant. Very good material for quite a long time is cotton, but no less good are: elastane, lycra, viscose or polyester.

Many factories sewing shirts in Kiev, Ukraine and sew t-shirt factory “Katrina”, which features powerful hardware with the use of modern innovation and technology. The collaboration with a very successful and profitable, and the product undergoes the following stages:

  • design development and model project;
  • enroll in the design workshop;
  • Otsu sample testing of all deficiencies and defects;
  • the testing of strength and other parameters;
  • mass production and cutting.

Each stage is under strict control, so the final products are excellent and of high quality. These shirts have good properties, hypoallergenic and have a beautiful appearance with a variety of drawings and design ideas.

Well made t-shirt will not restrict movement and excessively snugly to the body, helping you feel natural in any situation.

How to order sewing shirts in a clothing factory

Most often, when ordering t-shirts with personal design, most people prefer products are made of 100% cotton. It is through this material eliminated options bad air permeability and cause irritation and misting. Also cotton well worn in combination with other types of clothes that can withstand frequent washing, and the color and pattern do not fade. When ordering, you can choose different fabric density – less for the spring and summer warm days, great for winter and autumn. Only professional employees with solid experience will be able to make especially high-quality t-shirts, which will please for a long time.