Tailoring copies of brand clothes

Garment factory Katrina offers tailoring copies of brand clothes for photo or ready-made designs. Copies tailoring clothes in a single copy for personal use and available sizes copies of brand clothes for other purposes.

We offer high-quality tailoring copy J. Ojeda which involves as close a copy of the product. Tailoring of copies children's, men's and women's branded clothing of any material, any style, color and size. Using our specialists high quality materials and equipment involves the best results.

пошив копий одежды

Tailoring copies of branded clothes is to save you money without compromising the quality of the products.

Our style of work is an affordable price for the best quality.


Copies of children's clothes

We are all faced with the prices on children's clothing and particularly children's clothing famous brands. Not every buyer can afford to dress your child in high-quality branded clothing.

We offer sewing of copies of children's clothes to order. The quantity from 1 copy to a full of sizes. Call us and we will advise you on matters you are interested in sewing children's clothing copies

пошив копий детской одежды