Tailoring of corporate clothing

Individual tailoring of corporate clothing for the staff and employees of the company.

Carry out the development of individual style and original design of corporate clothing.

Take into account the characteristics and conditions in which it is performed.

Performed tailoring of corporate clothing in Kiev quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.
пошив корпоративной одежды

The original design of corporate clothing company, is a series of decisions aimed at highlighting and underlining original, distinctive and recognizable corporate outfits which can be decorated with company logo. Each item of corporate clothing to emphasize the belonging to the company and the allocation of those or other functions of the staff.

Besides the stylish and comfortable corporate clothing enhances the mood and improves the ability to work and unites the team.

Corporate clothing is a specially designed form for all employees of a certain organization. Fashionable and stylish clothing employees, creates a good reputation of the organization in the eyes of customers and partners, but also emphasizes the unity of all employees of your company.

If you need tailoring of corporate clothing, order it on the site of the garment factory 'Katrina'. The clothes are developed by our designers to order, taking into account all wishes and requirements of the client. This takes into account the provided sketches, samples and photographs.

Tailoring of firm clothes

Branded clothing is the face of any organization, because in addition to work, customers pay special attention to the appearance of staff. Tailoring of firm clothes has its individual characteristics:

  • Clothes in the first place should be comfortable and practical for your daily wearing.
  • The thing is to have an attractive appearance.
  • Clothes should be sewing on individual measures to ensure that it is perfect village on the figure.
  • The fabric should be pleasant to the touch, does not cause discomfort and allergic reactions on the body.

Why the need for tailoring of corporate clothing?

The presence of own unique corporate identity in the enterprise, testifies to the fact that the leadership pays due attention to work on team unity. Corporate clothes is an important element of a positive image of any organization. Employees who are dressed in beautiful, presentable and of course, quality clothing, more confident, I feel its important involvement in the company and as a result, more intensively and effectively.

We offer you the development and tailoring of corporate style of your company. Our cutters and designers carry out all your ideas on the appearance of your employees. During sewing use only quality materials and fittings.

Corporate clothing

Order the production and design of corporate clothing is very simple, start with a simple call to our Atelier for a consultation and clarify all of your questions. Tailoring of corporate clothing to order is easy!

There is no doubt that corporate clothing is an important element of corporate policy. It all starts with such small things as business cards and specialty business journals and a significant addition is the corporate clothes, it gives off making You head and shoulders above others, makes the team special 'corporate spirit' and brings together employees in the performance of assigned tasks.

How to order tailoring of corporate clothing?

Without a doubt we can say that corporate clothing is an essential thing every respectable and self-respecting organization.

Corporate clothing is very simple, you just need to call our sewing factory 'Katrina'. Our designers and tailors will happily make for you corporate clothing not only quickly, but efficiently. We guarantee you the optimal price for the service and friendly service.