Sewing men's wear

Sewing men's wear
Sewing men's wear

Tailoring of men's clothes is easy, fast and affordable! We will help You to quickly and accurately translate your wishes into a finished product which you will wear with pleasure!

Making order for individual tailoring of men's clothing in the clothing shop of Katrina , you automatically become its co-author, choosing the type of fabric, color and texture to the cut and individual panels, our experts will make the process quick and simple. Not strange, men are much more likely to be a 'fashionista' than women, and rightly so, the world today requires us to look stylish but at the same time nothing prevents You to wear comfortable clothes that You like and we can help you with this.

Пошив мужской одежды

Men's clothing is often perceived as sporty things, or anything related to hunting or fishing. But in the men's wardrobe is always a place for a decent classic, business suit, comfortable and practical jeans and, of course, coats. Many representatives of the stronger sex do not pay attention to style and fashion, although I wish to look beautiful.

However, an important indicator for every man there's a solidity and reliability, expressed in a qualitatively-chosen clothes. And it is quite difficult, considering the variety of men's shapes and forms. Tailoring of men's clothes at a garment factory offers only standard sizes, which are often not suitable for many. As well as color scheme or image of the finished product as a whole. Therefore, a focus on tailoring of men's clothes individually, and stand out from the crowd brightness, and solidity in all lines accentuate the figure.

Men's clothing by ordering

Individual tailoring of men's custom clothing is not as scary as you might think. The process of communication with a specialist, consultation and selection of materials and styles of the product will take You no more than an hour of time together with the removal of all the necessary standards.

Meeting with a specialist in tailoring men's wear

Meeting with a specialist in tailoring men's wear can take place in our sewing workshop, and with departure to the customer. To do this, simply call the number in contacts which is listed on our website and arrange a meeting place. All necessary preliminary consultations so You can get the phone.

The types of men's clothing

Types of male clothes less than women, but it is only because of practicality and use, and frequency of use. For brutal and self-respecting men don't need a lot of different types, and need only a couple. But you should pay attention to the tailoring of men's custom clothing, and emphasize their own ideas in personal belongings.

Principal allocate such:

  • Jackets – the main clothing for men, with a preference for down jackets, leather and cashmere products.
  • Coat is great not only for women. This type of clothing highlights the elegance and glamor of its owner.
  • Shirts – comfortable and practical in any time of the year, and for various classes.
  • T-shirts – the most popular and comfortable type of clothing. Every man has in his life a huge number of different t-shirts with the most unusual patterns and images.
  • Sweaters – make a simple jacket, without loss of solidity, but with the support of a more cooperative environment.
  • Pants for negotiations and business lifestyle.
  • Jeans – working version at all occasions.

How to order tailoring of men's clothing

To order tailoring of men's clothes is not a problem – in our time, many garment factories and shops can all do individually in compliance with all requirements. As well as standalone wizards or designers. Mass tailoring men's clothing wholesale is not suitable for lovers of solid style with flattering lines.

Taking measurements and subsequent fitting

For men's clothing on the figure, taking into account all Your wishes requires taking measurements which is no more than 10 minutes. Removing the measurements specialist will be able to exactly fit the article to Your figure.

Usually the process of tailoring involves 2 fitting, the first original and the second is for a precise fit on the figure. Tailoring the fitting usually comes with fewer fittings than ladies clothing

The cost of tailoring men's clothing

Price men's clothing depends on many factors, cheaper shirt, jacket more - it's in the primitive examples. Depending on the complexity of the order and the type of tissue with which to work.

We position ourselves as an affordable garment factory, garment manufacturing, we produce a quality product at a reasonable price. We are interested to the client approached us more often, and not on major holidays. Make your first order - ensure that our prices and quality of manufactured things.