Mens pants

Mens pants
Mens pants

Men's trousers is an integral part of any man's wardrobe. After all, except in summer, when the weather is very hot, and you can wear shorts almost every day the man wears the pants.

Tailoring of men's pants

How well the pants will sit on your owner depends on his entire way. Therefore, in order not to miscalculate with the model and size, you should order tailoring of men's pants at a clothing factory. Shop Katrina offers the following services. Here it is possible to order the mass tailoring of men's pants wholesale. You can also sew unique items of clothing. 'Katrina' efficiently carries out orders of any complexity and volume.

Garment factory on time buys high-quality accessories and fabric to create clothing. This guarantees high quality sewn garments.

Types of men's pants

Before you order tailoring of men's pants in a clothing factory, is familiar with their varieties.

Classic trousers belong to the official clothing. They can be worn with a belt, suspenders, straps. Front and back legs have hands. Not do pants without fly. It fastens with buttons, zipper or buttons.

Slacks pants casual wide cut. They can be worn, if there is no formal dress code. These pants sewed from cotton thick fabric. On the lower part of the leg needs to be cuffed at the waist – folds. The arrows on the slacks there. They can be worn in the casual stops for the weekend.

Is khaki pants special shape, which are made of cotton of light brown color.

Chinos are trousers that came into civilian fashion from the army. Pants of this type can be part of the costume. They make them soft cotton fabric. Chinos can be any color, but is considered a classic light beige option.

Jeans pants that fit for everyday wear with informal dress code. They are made of denim. Suitable for Smart casual style.

Corduroy pants are trousers, which are made of soft fabric with villi. They belong to everyday casual wear. Can otsypatsya from fabric of any color.

How to order tailoring of men's pants

Tailoring of men's pants to order, you can order them from the factory Katrina. You need to call at the number listed on the website phone number and leave your request to the Manager. Also the order can be send by e-mail. You can choose any method of checkout.