Mens t-shirt

Mens t-shirt
Mens t-shirt

T – shirt is an essential attribute of the wardrobe, which is both men and women. T-shirt can be worn all year round, even in winter (warm sweater). To t-shirt is perfect village on the figure, you can use the 'sewing men's shirts to order.' This service provides a garment factory Katrina. Here you can order a single garment or mass tailoring of men's t-shirts in bulk.

Tailoring of men's shirts

To tailoring men's shirts at a garment factory became possible, shop Katrina always buys quality fabrics, threads and accessories. The shop has all the necessary equipment for the manufacture of clothing.

Types of men's shirts

Before you order tailoring of men's shirts at the factory, is familiar with their varieties.

Mike is a simplified version of the t-shirt. Jerseys don't have sleeves, they have a deep neckline. This piece of clothing perfectly performs the function of underwear. Also it is an integral garment in the summer.

Classic t-shirt has small sleeves and rounded neckline. Perfectly combined with jeans, shorts. Perfect for spring and summer. This t-shirt can be worn under a sweater, pullover, cardigan.

T-shirt with V-neckline are well suited for travelling, relaxing on the beach and just have fun. Well with shorts, breeches, sports trousers, short shorts.

Polo t-shirt has a small collar and a few buttons in the front. This model is loved by people from different walks of life, including business.

Hanley is a simple cotton t-shirt, without a collar. Can have multiple buttons, placed vertically. They are suitable for a style devoid of simplicity and frills, go well with jeans, shorts, wide pants.

How to order tailoring of men's shirts

To order tailoring of men's t-shirt at a garment factory Katrina. She takes orders of different volumes (single and series) and carries them always in the stipulated time. To make order, you need to call at the number listed on the website phone number and leave your request to the Manager. You can also send it by e-mail.

When you order big lots of clothing at first produced a single instance, which is approved by the customer, and then sews the whole party. So you can be sure that high quality ordered at the factory,'Katrina clothes.