Men's shirts

Men's shirts
Men's shirts

Shirt is an essential attribute of business style men. In addition, the shirts go well with plain trousers and even jeans. Probably in the wardrobe of every man a shirt, and not one.

Sewing men's shirts

Shirt, like any other garment, should ideally sit on the figure. Only in this case you can create a classic stylish look and accentuate your taste and ability to choose stylish clothes. Often the perfect shirt to select is not easy, so many decide to order tailoring of men's shirts at a garment factory. This service provides a sewing shop Katrina. Here you can order the production of a single instance clothing or mass tailoring shirts wholesale.

Katrina quickly and efficiently to fulfill orders of any complexity and any volume. To do this, she buys high-quality fabric and accessories from reliable suppliers.

Types of men's shirts

Before you order tailoring of men's shirts, you should learn about their varieties. Kinds of shirts, as well as their classifications, very much. There are two major types of shirts:



For the classic shirt gets a soft fabric with a fine weave. It could be twill, Royal Oxford, cotton. Collar is often tougher, so he stood, he inserted a special plate. For a classic shirt selected neutral colors – white, light blue, blue. If the pattern on the fabric is, it needs to be small, inconspicuous. Bottom of shirt has a curved shape, the pockets may not be (max – one, but the rules of etiquette, he should remain always empty).

For sports shirts use a more tough and durable fabric than the classic. Sport shirt can even be made of denim. Such clothing has a big palette of colors with a variety of drawings. This shirt can be a variety of fasteners, lots of pockets and epaulets.

Also by the way cut men's shirts are divided into:

  • fitted;
  • free.

If you have any small figure flaws (for example, a prominent belly), then it is better to stop your choice on the shirt casual.

How to order tailoring of men's shirts

Sewing men's shirts custom made carries a garment factory Katrina. To leave your order, just call the number listed on the website phone number and leave your request. You can also send it by e-mail.