Mens shorts

Mens shorts
Mens shorts

Men's shorts are an indispensable attribute of the summer wardrobe of every man. Short pants can feel comfortable even in the summer heat.

Tailoring men's shorts

Shorts, and other clothing items should ideally sit on his owner, not to pinch the skin and not to be too free. In this case, they will be comfortable to sit, walk, relax, run, play sports and so on. To shorts sit perfectly on the figure, you can order tailoring of men's shorts. This service can be obtained at a garment factory Katrina. She can sew like a single instance of clothes, and to undertake bulk tailoring of men's shorts wholesale.

Sewing shop Katrina buying a high quality fabric and accessories for garments. It also has all the necessary equipment for clothing in different amounts.

Types of men's shorts

Before you order tailoring of men's shorts at a garment factory, is familiar with their species, in order to choose the most suitable option:

shorts-Chino – universal variant, which is combined with t-shirts and shirts. Loafers, shorts, chinos and shirt and you get a great smart casual style.

shorts jeans – well with different clothes. Minus the garment in that, if the street is too hot, you can feel discomfort because of the tight weave you can be hot;

sports – great for sports (Jogging, sports games, gymnastics, and so on);

shorts in the box (also called blankets) – perfect for the image by t-shirt Polo;

shorts with bright patterns – they remind Hawaiian clothing appropriate for the beach, well the t-shirts of simple design;

shorts seersucker (the name is consonant with the name of the tissue from which they are made, - lightweight, ruffled, striped) – in these shorts is very comfortable in the summer heat;

military shorts camouflage colors (came to us from protection and the police);

Bermuda – often sewn from fabric khaki or white cotton.

How to order tailoring of men's shorts

By choosing the type of shorts that suit you the most, you can order their production. Tailoring of men's shorts to order performs sewing factory 'Katrina'. To leave your request on the clothing in any quantity, please call at the number listed on the website phone number. Manager will take your order, you can specify the delivery time and the cost of the work. Also you can send your application by e-mail.