Men's briefs

Men's briefs
Men's briefs

Men's underwear – an essential attribute of the wardrobe of every representative of much of the floor. After all, without them no man go out of the house. There is no difference in any pants, jeans or shorts will be a man is wearing under outer clothing will be pants.

Tailoring of men's underwear

Pants should fit your body, not to the freedom of movement and not hamper its owner. This detail of clothes you can buy in the store or on the market. You can use the 'sewing men's pant to order' from the factory 'Katrina'. Here sew unique items of clothing, it is also possible to mass tailoring of men's underwear wholesale. Katrina accepts orders of any volumes and purchase quality fabric and accessories from reliable and trusted vendors. This allows you to sew quality clothing.

Types of men's underwear

There are many types of men's underwear that you can wear under any clothing. So, there are briefs is boxers. They look like the shorts are skintight body. There are sport models, they are more spacious. The boxers are very comfortable, so they choose a lot of men. They also carry out the supporting effect of the buttocks. You can order the production of 'boxers' with the use of special synthetic fabric (with polyester or micromeria). This allows to obtain the effect of so-called second skin.

Hipsters by very similar to the boxers. They have a dropped waist, and their legs shortened. The stumps look more sexy. A similar form of the trunks, which are used when swimming. Hipsters by can be mixed with prints and patterns.

Slips in the back look like the boxers, fully covering the buttocks, and the front bare leg to the pelvis. Slips differ from each other by the depth of the cut. Depending on the height and width of the sides, the slips are divided into mini, MIDI and micro.

Thong – exotic male model underwear. The main feature of this model is that their main holding part of the rubber band. The side part itself is almost gone. Gum can be of different widths. There are models where it takes the role of a shoelace. The Tanga consists of two triangles of cloth connected by elastic or drawstring.

Boxers – another version of the classic pant, to resemble a spacious shorts. Promote good air ventilation. To order tailoring of men's underwear on the site of the factory Katrina.

G-string – sexy panty model, opening the buttocks by half or completely.

How to order tailoring of men's underwear

Tailoring of men's underwear in a clothing factory Katrina' can be ordered on its website. You need to call there at the specified phone number.