Men's underwear

Men's underwear
Men's underwear

Underwear for men is as important as for women. It should be convenient and comfortable and does not restrict movement. Sometimes it is not easy to choose a model that would perfectly fit on the figure. In this case, you can use the 'sewing men's underwear to order.' This provides a sewing shop Katrina. Here you can order mass tailoring of men's underwear wholesale and manufacture clothes in a single copy.

Tailoring of men's underwear

For clothing you want quality cloth and fittings. Her garment factory Katrina buys from approved suppliers. In the shops there is all necessary equipment for the manufacture of quality clothing.

Types of men's underwear

Before you order tailoring of men's underwear in a clothing factory, is acquainted with its types in order to correctly choose the right model.

'Boxers' is 'a classic of the genre', which is widespread in the West. They look like shorts on the front part which has a slot in it. Come in regular length and extra long, and – free and the sports variation. Are made of knitted fabric can be lycra. A great option to wear every day and for sports.

Boy shorts are similar to boxers, but their legs are shorter, they tightly hug the buttocks, the back and front slightly raised.

Cycling pants are made of stretch fabrics. They look like a cross between regular shorts and panties.

Briefs-trunks – is one of the varieties of 'boxers'. Have the dropped waist and short legs. Very snug to the body.

Underwear briefs come in a variety of landings:

  • high landing;
  • mid-rise;
  • low rise.

Suitable for all types of pants (even very thin) and jeans.

Hipsters by – like briefs and boxers. Their main difference from the briefs is that they have shortened rectangular legs. Such clothes increases the visual volume.

Boxers sew their cotton, their cut – free, that does not prevent free circulation of air. Due to its large size can be inconvenient for those who want to wear skinny pants and jeans.

Men can choose tango, bikini, g-string, this kind of underwear is quite extravagant, not wearing it every day.

How to order tailoring of men's underwear

To order tailoring of men's underwear on the site of the garment factory 'Katrina'. You need to call at the number listed on the website phone number and announce the order to the Manager. Also you can send your application by e-mail.