Men's outerwear

Men's outerwear
Men's outerwear

Outerwear helps you stay warm in the winter cold. Also jackets and parkas help to protect the cold from the spring and autumn coolness. The robe can cause the necessary drawings and logos and use it in promotions. In this case, the necessary mass tailoring men's clothing wholesale. With this task easily cope garment factory Katrina. Also here you can order tailoring of men's clothing in one or more instances.

Tailoring of men's clothing

In order to sew men's outerwear in batches or in single units, quality matter, filler and accessories. Only in this case it is possible to sew a quality product, which for a long time will please the owner.

Types of men's clothing

Before you order tailoring of men's clothing at a garment factory, you need to get acquainted with its types. They are actually very much. Describe the most common.

Jacket with hood warm lining – perfect for those who like spending time or working outdoors. Jacket can be working and casual clothes. If the jacket is filled with down, it is called the jacket. This product is very thin and warm.

Coat first believed to be part of a military uniform, but recently widely entered in civil use. The Park is a long jacket, it can brush off of different materials, so the weight it can be completely different. Parks are perfectly combined with other things.

Pea coat helps to create a stylish image of a man. Most often, the clothes sewed from black, gray or dark blue colors.

Coat difflock came as Park of the military sphere. Its feature is the buttons. They should be made of wood, and the hinges for these buttons are made from cord.

Long men's coat – a classic of the genre, ideal for a serious businessman to otsypatsya can cashmere or wool.

Bomber jacket is a great outerwear jacket, goes well with jeans and sports things with modern pants. Sew from different tissues, which determines the functionality of the jacket-the bomber jacket

How to order tailoring of men's clothing

Tailoring of men's clothing custom made clothing factory performs Katrina. To apply, you need to call at the number listed on the website phone number. Also your order can you send the sewing workshop e-mail.