Sewing overalls clothes

Overalls for people performing different work. It performs many functions, one of which is - protection of humans from adverse environmental factors. Sewing clothes in Kiev is one of the profiles of our company.

Individual tailoring of workwear for the staff of restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, service stations, medical garments and workwear for workers of other professions and specialties

To order, tailoring to order, You can call our specialists.

Пошив спецодежды

Tailoring of the work form shall be carried out on relevant equipment using quality fabric, accessories and all related materials. The only way to sew quality clothing that will meet all the necessary requirements, and for a long time will not lose its appearance. Our clothing production takes orders for sewing clothes in Ukraine for workers of different specialties.

Types of workwear

There are many kinds of workwear. You can order tailoring of overalls that will protect from slipping on different surfaces, or for protection from high temperatures and fire. The second option assumes that the clothes will otsypatsya of refractory material, which is created by using the latest technologies. Also happens to be clothing that protects from low temperatures. At the heart of this suit – insulated materials, as well as the valves for the windscreen. The main feature of this clothing – layering.

Seasonal clothing - we provide services of tailoring clothes winter and summer workwear

There is clothing that does not transmit x-rays, and protects from other radiation. This is possible through the use of special plates-liners. They are placed in special pockets.

There are clothes for safe operation with power tools. Suits for works with chemicals are not exposed to alkalis, acids, paints, solvents, varnishes.

A separate category of workwear for dirt overhead type. The aim of such products is not only to protect the person from dust and dirt, but also to protect him from minor injuries.

There are also uniform, which prevents the ingress of microbes in the human body.

A separate category overalls – signal. It has glowing elements, made from fabrics of bright colors.

How to order tailoring of overalls

Sewing clothes to order offers our sewing production. To use this service enough to leave a request on our website. You can also call the number listed on the website phone number.

The shop works with orders of different complexity, always executes them efficiently and within the specified period. Factory clothing accepts orders of different sizes – you can sew 1-2 pieces of clothing or to order a whole batch.

You can make an order for sewing clothes classic or individual, in one instance, or sewing clothes wholesale for different professions and spheres of activity. Comfortable clothing can improve the efficiency and performance of staff, and an attractive appearance to attract customers and generate a positive opinion. Comfortable and attractive clothing for the staff is that we do well.

In our Studio you can order tailoring of overalls for workers, health workers, attendants, waiters, cleaners, cooks, employees of service stations and many other specialties.

If You need tailoring to order - you have come to the right place.

Our experts perform tailoring to order, thus fulfilling all the requirements and standards for such clothing, to the style and design of clothes. The customer can order both standard models of workwear and make adjustments or provide patterns of workwear desired design.

Sewing clothes to order also includes clothing for promotions and advertising campaigns, and also tailoring of corporate clothing.