Surgery is the most difficult medical industry. The professionalism and skill of the surgeon is a person's life. Therefore, during the operation he did not interfere, the doctor needs to feel comfortable. To the surgeon's movements were not restricted, he must be clothed in a clean and comfortable suit. If you need to purchase a batch of suits for surgeons is high quality, this can be done on our sewing production.

Tailoring surgical suits

Tailoring of suits for surgeons – a difficult and responsible. To create high-quality clothes, you need special sewing equipment, good fabrics and accessories. All this is in our sewing shops. So we can sew quality clothing for surgeons.

Types of surgical suits

The main objectives of the present suits is to protect operations and the establishment of absolute purity. Based on those two points, and use these same costumes. Special differences, except for the cut, between the costumes for the two sexes no. Women's pants may be slightly tapering, and is often a belt.

Costumes for operations are:



First - very comfortable. They guarantee complete sterility, reduce the risk of transmission within the hospital. Disposable suits do not need to be washed or decontaminated, it saves a lot of money to the hospital.

Both disposable and reusable suits should be:

  • non-toxic;
  • hypoalergenic;
  • breathable;
  • waterproof.

To sew the garment is used by various tissues. Non-woven fabric is created by pressing fibers of artificial and natural origin. This allows to obtain fiber, lint-free cloth.

Disposable suits, and reusable, consist of jackets, blouses or gown, pants, apron, Shoe covers, caps and masks. Reusable suits can be used more than once.

How to order surgical sewing costumes

To order scrubs through the Internet. Surgical sewing costumes Kyiv prefers to order on our sewing production. We perform in period orders of any complexity and volume. To request a surgical sewing costumes, you need to fill out a form on our website or call a specified phone number.