Costumes for ambulance

Suit for ambulance is a suit in which a doctor and a nurse going to the patient. Such clothing should be as comfortable and convenient. To order costumes for the ambulance, you individually or the whole lot. For this you need to contact the sewing shop, which is engaged in the manufacture of the garment.

Sewing costumes for ambulance

Tailoring of uniforms for ambulance requires high-quality materials and fittings. Our sewing production is cooperating with reliable suppliers of fabrics and related products. Because of this, we can create high-quality clothing, including for ambulance workers.

When sewing clothes for an emergency, you need to remember that it should be practical, comfortable, durable, functional, nice to have a neat appearance. Clothing should promote ventilation of the skin. It is desirable to sew it from the bright fabrics. This will help the doctor and nurse quickly stand out among the crowd.

Types of costumes for ambulance

Costumes come in female and male. They are divided by the seasons. Winter suit for first should consist of warm pants or overalls and jackets. The kit can be even a vest. A winter suit should be well to retain heat, be resistant to damage, chemicals, moisture, contamination. Tailoring of overalls for the ambulance can be selected instead of costumes.

Summer suit is sewn from durable and abrasion resistant material. It is lightweight, has excellent support for process ventilation of the skin. In summer you can enjoy sewing of overalls for the ambulance.

Costume can be sewed from fabrics of different colors. Most often used are red and blue. Tailoring of uniforms for ambulance workers suggests used different labels, logos, decals, reflective elements, or any other markings that will help doctors stand out from the crowd.

How to order costumes for ambulance

To order tailoring forms for first aid on the website of our garment production. For this you need to fill out a convenient order form or call the number listed on the website phone number. Our shop quickly and efficiently fulfill orders of any complexity and any volume. First we create the pattern which is sewn first instance. Upon approval of the customer we makes the entire party. This method of cooperation with customers ensures the tailoring of party costumes that will exactly match all the requirements of the customer.