Tailoring of medical dressing gowns

Medical gowns are an important part of the working clothes of people who are employed by not only healthcare agencies, and pharmaceutical companies and laboratories research directions, beauty salons. We have learned to associate the white coat with a nurse, doctor or technician.

Modern medicine worker must possess not only excellent knowledge in their field, but also a beautiful solid look. Therefore, health care providers order the tailoring of medical dressing gowns in our factory. In turn, designers who work with us, as well as designers efficiently develop original products. Our products, doctors not only have stylish appearance, but also feel confident.

The types of medical gowns

Company Katrina provides an opportunity to its consumers to choose tailoring of medical dressing gowns to order different types. Here are the following options:

  • color;
  • size;
  • design;
  • purpose;
  • who would wear clothes.

Sewing coats for nurses is not what I got. Fabric should meet these requirements long ago. And the first of them is comfort, and easy cleaning of the robes. Tissue that is taken for them, often are processed using the designated impregnation. They, in turn, are anti-static and can also repel elements such as dust, water and blood.

We cooperate only with suppliers of high quality fabrics. They have been certified and received high evaluation from consumers that have long been used by our products.

Sewing bathrobes for health care workers, made to order according to the individual wishes, always with a distinct and attractive appearance, which is able long to hold on to. Such bathrobes in any case, don't float, they can move freely, as they don't weight movement.

How to order tailoring of medical dressing gowns

To order tailoring of medical dressing gowns is due to the following advantages:

  • adequate prices;
  • individual approach;
  • the specific needs of the consumers;
  • a qualitative approach;
  • execution deadlines.

Determined by the size, shape, color texture and contact the phone numbers listed on the website. We will consider all your wishes and requirements. Looking forward to the calls!

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