Sewing sportswear

Tailoring of sports clothing to order in Kiev for all kinds of sports.

Comfortable clothing to individual measures.

Sports clothing is required for sports men and women. To make the exercise successful, it is necessary that the clothes were convenient and comfortable, without restricting movement.

Tailoring of sports clothing

So that sports clothing well sit on a figure, you need to carefully to pick it up. Too tight or loose fitting clothes can ruin not only exercise, but to completely discourage any desire to exercise. That is why it is best to order sewing of sportswear sewing factory. Sewing shop Katrina takes orders of different sizes – individual and mass tailoring of sports clothing wholesale.

пошив спортивной одежды

Today, the apparel market presents a large number of ready-made sportswear. Tailoring forms for ordering compares favorably with the choice of materials, colors and additional options of sports clothes that You can design for the future product. Sportswear bespoke is able to satisfy all Your wishes and requirements.

Kinds of sportswear

Tracksuits have become very popular lately. Because they can be worn not only for sports but also for walks and picnics. That is why there are many types of sports clothing with which you need to see before you order tailoring of sportswear.

Their purpose tracksuits are divided into several types. There are models that you can wear in sports clubs, fitness clubs. They are suitable for summer and winter. They can perform the exercises indoors and outdoors. A sports costume consists of trousers and jackets.

There are insulated tracksuits, which are made of a warm material such as Terry or fleece. They may have a lining.

There are wind suits, suitable for sports in different weather. Such clothing protects from rain and wind. This became possible due to the fact that the fabric is treated with a water repellent substance. From this it becomes waterproof.

You can also enjoy walking costumes. They are more suitable for Biking than to perform sports exercises. On a long trip will be comfortable in such clothes.

How to order tailoring of sportswear

If you have any need to pick up a track suit that would perfectly sit on the figure, use the service 'tailoring of sportswear to order.' Such services are provided by garment factory 'Katrina'. On her website you will find the phone number by calling on which you can leave your request on the manufacture of clothes of any complexity. You can also send your order via e-mail. Turning in this sewing workshop, you will receive high quality and timely execution of your order.

Sewing of sport uniforms

Sport form is a necessary part of the wardrobe for physical education in kindergarten and school and adults engaged in certain types of sports.

Tailoring sportswear is your choice in favor of comfort and a healthy sport You and your children.
пошив спортивной формы

If you want to order sport uniforms or clothing, just call our experts and clarify all the details.