Many people engaged in different types of martial arts. For some it's a hobby, and for someone – work. For wrestling different types require special clothes called kimono. It should ideally come under the parameters of the figure, so as not to hamper the movement and not to interfere in training. If there is no time to search for suitable costumes in stores, you can enjoy sewing a kimono for wrestling and karate.

Tailoring kimono for wrestling and karate

The service 'sewing a kimono for wrestling and karate to order' provides a garment factory Katrina. It deals with orders of different sizes. Here you can make one or more instance of a kimono, also the shop is taken for mass tailoring kimono for karate fight and wholesale. For the manufacture of quality clothing 'Katrina' books good fabrics and accessories from reliable suppliers.

The types of kimono for wrestling and karate

To order individual tailoring of kimono, you need to decide his views. It depends on the type of martial arts that you are going to do.

For judo kimono patterned sewed from a dense fabric. Most often chosen matter of white or blue.

For karate choose smooth materials, such as cotton with a small addition of synthetic fibers. This fabric will keep its shape. Pants have wide and extra long so you can hide the position of the feet, is beneficial in the staging of the shot. Mainly used white and black colors.

For JIU-jitsu need a costume that will be comfortable to work in tandem. The fabric is selected high density in vulnerable areas have reinforcing inserts. The sleeve has a traditional length.

Suit for Aikido sewn from cotton. Kimono is reinforced at the shoulders, chest and back. Selected predominantly white. To the bottom of the jacket does not swing open, they make a drawstring.

Kimono Taekwondo sew on the individual templates. The upper part of the suit resembles a t-shirt with long sleeves. Front gate swings open. The material for such a suit you need to choose durable and dense.

Cotton kimono with special woven fibers to wear to class on Sambo. The advantage for the blue and red colors. Jacket have kimono Sambo shorter than for judo. On the belt are the slits for the belt.

How to order tailoring kimono for wrestling and karate

To order tailoring kimono for wrestling and karate at a garment factory Katrina, you need to call the phone number listed on its website. You can also send your order via e-mail.