Clothing for fitness

Clothing for fitness
Clothing for fitness

In recent years more and more people are beginning to engage in different sports, and more popular is fitness as well as yoga. To ensure that all the classes were successful and enjoyable, you need quality special clothing that will be comfortable and comfortable. It should ideally sit on the figure, and freedom of movement and not be too spacious. Find such clothes in a sports store, but there is no guarantee that she's good at 'sit' on the figure. Especially if you have non-standard figure. In this case, it is possible to order clothing for fitness and yoga in a clothing factory.

Clothing for fitness and yoga

Sewing shop Katrina takes orders for tailoring of clothing for fitness and yoga. It is possible to manufacture clothes in a single copy or mass tailoring of clothes for fitness and yoga wholesale. The factory will produce any quantity you need of clothing. To do this, she buys high-quality fabric and accessories from reliable suppliers who are trusted.

Types of clothing for fitness and yoga

If you have already decided to order tailoring of clothing for fitness and yoga in a clothing factory, you need to define the models. What are they?

The top of the suit for fitness or yoga may consist of:




sports blouses.

The popularity of body increased many years ago, but recently has slightly decreased due to the fact that in such clothes it is hot. To replace body came tops. They are very diverse as wrestling, with English closed armhole, with zippers and without, and so on. Tops belly open, they have the clips-elastic bands, allowing you to wear them without a bra.

There are blouses-tops, which are made with a collar a variety of colors. Sports blouse can have a sleeve in three quarter or even shorter length of these blouses are different – thigh and just below the breast. The most popular model up to the waist.

As for the bottom part of the costume, then blow it off most of the dark colors such as dark blue or black. It can be traditional leggings, which fit tight leg pants with the special holders at the bottom (a cutout heel). Quite often buy and tight or a bit loose breeches. There are several important issues tice – tights to the knee. But the most popular sweat pants. They are indispensable for any sports activities.

How to order clothing for fitness and yoga

Clothing for fitness and yoga exercises custom garment factory Katrina. To request a garment manufacturer, you need to call the number listed on the website sewing shop phone number. You can also use e-mail.