Dance wear

The art of dance one of the most difficult arts in the world. No matter what type of dance is meant, but each of them requires a full commitment, high skills, as well as the comfort of the dancer. Regarding comfort, this is the most important factor, because no matter how trained dancer as he is talented and many times spoke, as if the suit in which he stands, uncomfortable, or just prevent him, this speech is doomed to failure. This is especially true of ballroom and sport dances, because there mistake can cost you a lot. And therefore the right clothing for ballroom and dance sport is very important. After all, everything from material selection to patterns, is of importance.

Tailoring clothes for ballroom dancing and dance sport

Garment factory Katrina offers a comprehensive clothing for ballroom and dance sport. The team of professionals will execute your order quickly and efficiently. Individual tailoring and quality clothes for dancing is a guarantee of comfort and result.

Types of clothing for ballroom and dance sport

For each of the types of dances matches your own clothing, traditions use special outfits for different types of dancing historically, some traditionally preserved the elegance and sophistication in his style, some, on the contrary, use the most comfortable clothes to allow the dancer to develop to their potential during a speech in public.


  • Ballroom dances are colorful, massive dresses. This tradition began in medieval Europe, always on the ball, ladies distinguished by beauty of their dresses. Men also use a more modernized clothing options the main attributes of which there are such things as coat, jacket, shirt (both conventional and special ballroom dance).
  • For sports dances choice of clothes more varied. Here women have decided to wear as little dresses that do not constrain movements, and at all the athletic clothes or costumes that are most convenient for the execution of complex PA.

For convenience, need to order clothing for ballroom dancing and dance sport.

How to order tailoring for ballroom dancing and dance sport

The best selection of clothing for dancing is sewing clothes for ballroom dancing and dance sport at a garment factory. In the manufacture of which is practiced as a mass tailoring of clothes for ballroom dancing and dance sport wholesale and custom, such as sewing workshop 'Katrina'. After all, when produced, clothing for ballroom and sport dances on ordering can be taken into account all the wishes and features of the dancer that will make it much easier performance in the future and it is to focus not on the selection of costume and honing the skills and moral training.