Mans hoody

Tops – it's outerwear, which closes with a zipper, has long sleeves and a high collar. It looks like the traditional mans hoody clothing.

Tailoring mans hoody

Sweatshirt designed for sports activities and should ideally sit on the figure, so as not to hamper movement while running, squats and any other exercise. Make it so, it is better to order a sewing Olimpic. This can be done at a garment factory Katrina. Here, take the orders for manufacturing of garments in a single copy, for mass tailoring mans hoody wholesale.

Katrina buys quality materials, and also accessories, from reliable suppliers, which allows you to create quality clothing. For mans hoody most often used a cotton or woolen cloth.

The types mans hoody

Kind of mans hoody depends on what material it is made, and what cut it has. There are sweatshirts with a hood. It is well protects the head from wind. Almost all sweatshirts have a zipper. The clasp should be of high quality and easy to use, plastic or metal.

Sweatshirts, made of cotton, allow your skin to breathe. But the clothes from virgin wool has an extra insulated layer. On the sleeves of such mans hoody fixed cuffs, which perfectly protects your hands from the wind and cool air.

If you are going to wear a hoodie every day, then ordering mans hoody sewing in a garment factory, you can give preference to synthetic materials. If you need such clothing for sports, then it is better to opt for natural materials that will absorb sweat. Given your body type, you can hide small figure flaws. Making the order, you can choose any fabric type and color, you can put the pockets on the clothes in your favorite version. To exit, you can order pure white clothes, and sports – blue, green, red - whatever!

How to order tailoring mans hoody

Tailoring mans hoody custom performs sewing factory 'Katrina'. To leave here your application should call the number listed on the website phone number and announce the order to the Manager. He will be able to advise you on all matters of interest and to help with the selection of fabric or accessories. You also have the option to send your order by e-mail. You can choose any convenient order form.