Volleyball clothing

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world and has fans in all corners of the world. It is played at a professional level, world famous sports stars and regular people, adults and children, stadiums, camps, and just on the beach. In most cases, a volleyball form is not so famous as football or hockey, because the game itself most often occurs in the summer at the beach, or other place which is used for recreation, which means that the players often dressed in bathing suits or ordinary clothes for walking or volleyball clothing.

Sewing volleyball clothing

But volleyball form exists and is used most often in various matches, tournaments and competitions. And in the bargain has not only an aesthetic role, but also fully customized to the needs of the player during the game, of which the main has a high mobility, because in volleyball, it is important to be able to jump, run, fall and hit the ball. And that is the need to choose the right shape and makes sewing volleyball forms are pretty difficult and important task.

What's included volleyball clothing

The form is not a complicated design, which makes its production easy, and the art form available to everyone.

The standard volleyball court forms, which are volleyball matches are:


athletic shorts;



Also, each kit has a color of his team, the ordinal number of the player's name, team logo and sometimes advertising label (in the case of professional teams in the competition).

How to order tailoring volleyball clothing

The fact that volleyball form is easy to manufacture, makes it possible to enjoy sewing volleyball clothing at a garment factory. And usually there is always the opportunity to order mass tailoring volleyball wholesale volleyball for teams, clubs, shops and other places where it may be necessary to volleyball form in large quantities.

Also there is always the opportunity to do sewing volleyball shaped custom. This option allows you to choose almost everything in this form, namely such parameters as size, colour, number, symbolism of the interest of the club, as well as the indication of a surname, which the customer himself and indicates that will help give the volleyball the form of singularity and exclusivity. To order sewing volleyball forms are available at the factory Katrina.