Sweat pants – an essential attribute of the tracksuit. Such pants are comfortable to play sports, exercise. Also they are suitable for travel, long walks, Hiking and so on. As you can see, this piece wardrobe is quite versatile. So there you have to feel convenient and comfortable. If you pants are too small, they will hamper your movements. Sports pants big size will sit on you too freely, which is not very convenient. You need to choose clothes according to their size and shape. Sometimes this problem becomes difficult, so it is best to order tailoring of sports pants in the garment factory.

Sewing sweatpants

To order sewing sweatpants on garment factory 'Katrina'. She can sew unique items of clothing, as well as offering massive tailoring sweatpants wholesale.

In the sewing plants have all the necessary equipment to create quality clothing. Also Katrina buys high-quality fabric and accessories from reliable suppliers.

Sports pants

The most popular are sweat pants with a low waist and tapered. There are different types of sports pants:

  • straight-leg fit at the hips (can be elastic waist or drawstring);
  • smooth edges with a tapered leg (bottom can have a narrow or wide band);
  • pants bananas (in such a model, the top wide part of the pants from the crotch to the waist has pleats, and the Trouser – tapered-leg region);
  • bell (to raskladyvaetsya models can from the hip, the knee, the waist, the fit is any);
  • harem pants (have loose-fitting pants wide that the bottom can sauromatia, and at the bottom sewn elastic band or wedge heel);
  • the goggerle – slightly cropped model of the leg from the knee to the bottom narrow, the planting can be any;
  • breeches – very similar to the previous model, but have normal length at the bottom of the pants elastic is not;
  • sports leggings (sitting very tight, well fit figure, come in cropped and regular length).

How to order sewing sweatpants

Sewing sweatpants available at a garment factory Katrina'. You need to call at the number listed on its website, phone number and leave your request to the Manager. You can also send an email. Katrina ensures quality and timely execution of orders of any volume and of any complexity.