The swimsuit is a special kind of clothing. It is required in the pool, on the river or the sea. Someone because of their kind of his study wearing a swimsuit a couple of times a year, and someone- every day. Anyway. but it is important to choose a swimsuit that will not sit well on the figure, to emphasize its strengths and hide weaknesses. Very often, in order to cope with this task, you need to order a sewing bathing suits.

Sewing swimwear

Sewing women's swimwear is not easy. To cope with this problem, you need to have the necessary equipment for sewing. Also need a quality fabric and good hardware. It will depend on the quality of the future product.

To order sewing bathing suits for women, you need to know not only the size of the swimsuit, but also in their types to choose the one that fits best. All women's swimwear are divided into two types:

  • open (separate);
  • closed (fused).

Each of the above types has its varieties. Their names appeared frequently in accordance with the shape of the bodice, which is used in the design. The now fashionable three shapes the bodice of the swimsuit:

  • Bando – the beautifully draped bodice is most often strapless, visually increases the chest, lifts her, the bandeau can have straps tie behind the neck, to the bodice they are attached in the middle;
  • halter model bodice with closed-seam cups;
  • classic bodice, which consists of two triangles with straps.

Tailoring of children's swimwear

A variety of children's swimwear is also great. Despite the types, baby swimwear are divided also on the age scale. So, there are models for children, age:

  • 0-3 years;
  • 3-6 years;
  • 6-8 years;
  • 8-12 years;
  • 12-16 years.

The distribution is rather conditional. There is also a more simple division:

  • 0-10 years – swimwear for children;
  • 11-16 years – teen model.

Almost all clothing manufacturers offer their size chart for children's bathing costumes.

To choose the right sewing children's swimwear it is important to pay attention not only on the size of the product but also on the fabric from which it is made. It should contain as little synthetic fibers and to be pleasant to the touch.

Where to order sewing swimwear

Sewing a bathing suit for a woman or child you can order them from the factory Katrina. Here it is possible to sew a whole batch of clothes or isolated instances. To make a reservation should call the number listed on the website phone number and leave your request to the Manager.