Sewing dresses

Sewing dresses
Sewing dresses

Individual tailoring of the dress to order in Kiev in a short time and an affordable price. We will help You to look original and at the same time feel completely natural and comfortable.

For us women dress is not just an outfit, is the embodiment of femininity and beauty in clothing. Exclusively dress can emphasize the elegance and beauty of the female body. Every self-respecting woman should be in the wardrobe at least one high-quality dress is made to order. If you haven't got - it's never too late! We can help You with this. Our specialists are at your service, ladies clothing it's 'our thing'.

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If You are interested in sewing dresses, the primary advice you can get by phone listed in contacts on our website. Just call and the wizard will provide all the information You need.

Dress – a mandatory part of the wardrobe that is sure to be every women. And not in a single instance. Last time to order a dress in Kiev is solved more often. It is not always possible to find the gown of your dreams at the store or boutique. To look beautiful and desirable always.

Tailoring of gowns allows you to get exactly the dress you want. It will be stitched from the cloth with the use of desirable accessories and would be ideal for the figure. To get this kind of dress, you need to go to the sewing factory 'Katrina'. Here is everything you need for mass otshiv beautiful women's clothing.

Dress will help to accentuate the beauty, the elegance of the figure. Well, what if your figure has an irregular shape? In this case, the appeal to the sewing shop will be the perfect option that will help you to feel like a Queen.

Mass tailoring dresses is one area of our work. For this we have all the necessary equipment. Our shop cooperates with the best suppliers of fabrics and accessories, so we produce clothing of high quality materials.

  • Types of dresses that are sewing our sewing shop

    In our shop you can sew a dress in almost any shape and for any shape. Here it is possible to sew such dress:
    • A-silhouette;
    • dress the container;
    • dress-baby-don;
    • kimono;
    • of pantaloons;
    • with flared skirt;
    • tunic;
    • case;
    • in the form of a pipe;
    • shift;
    • Smok;
    • chemise, round;
    • pack;
    • office and many others.
    To implement the tailoring women dresses, we use only the finest fabrics, such as organza, silk, velvet, satin, taffeta, brocade and so on. Fabric is always chosen by the client and we provide a wide range of different materials.

Sewing dresses to order

The natural desire of every women to look beautiful and attractive, to show your femininity and emphasize all your accomplishments. For this is precisely designed dress. Sewing dresses on order - is that what you need is a solution to many of the inconveniences associated with the ready store products.

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Of course, shops selling ready-made women's clothing attract an abundance of models on display, but most of the finished products in the stores are made in standard shapes, and not always on standard figures of our country. Dresses from the store will not be able to fully satisfy your tastes and to emphasize the uniqueness of Your figure.

The choice of fabric for sewing dresses

Our Studio clothing always kept a focus on quality products is always a priority for us. For dresses, we use quality fabrics such as silk, organza, satin, velvet, taffeta and more. The choice of fabric is always the client, we provide comprehensive advice and detailed responses regarding the selection of fabric but the last word is always yours.

How to order tailoring dresses in Kiev

To order tailoring dresses in Kiev, you need to contact a garment factory Katrina. On the website there is a phone number at which you can call and leave a request. Over the phone our staff will give you the approximate cost. After receiving applications we manufacture the mold. It produced the first copy, which is approved by the customer. Next, sewn the whole party.

Katrina accepts small orders, and also undertakes mass tailoring a series of women's clothing. All orders are carried out efficiently and on time. This is made possible through the use of quality materials and skilled employees who work in our workshops.