To update her wardrobe women often think about buying a relatively cheap and versatile clothes. Like for example, a blouse or tunic that can be worn with different pants, dresses, skirts. Therefore every woman should be a lot of different styles and colors. Now in stores a large number of different variants, but in recent years more and more are choosing sewing, sewing blouses and tunics on order.

Sewing tunics and blouses

Garment factories often use chiffon, one of the most popular materials that is suitable for all kinds of fabrics of any texture. Looks gorgeous blouses and tunics with silk, and such in the store are rare, due to the popularity of synthetic and low-cost products. First and foremost, many designers suggest to pay attention to the color of the tunics or blouses. Basically it is recommended to give preference to such colors:

  • white;
  • black;
  • blue;
  • blue.

But for those who want to stand out, you can choose:

  • jade;
  • lavender;
  • al;
  • orange-coral.

Types of tunics and blouses

Tunic is a kind of blouse and divided into small sub-species: for a beach holiday, womens, youth, classic, free, evening. Such covert categories distinguish the current popular designers and technologists.

Blouse also has more varieties, because of its huge popularity. This product from fine fabrics, relevant at any time of the year, and a lot of different models will transform the business style in the evening or youth.

By design features of the blouse are divided into the following groups:

  • Sleeveless blouses.
  • Blouses with sleeves type Raglan.
  • Blouses with whole sleeves.
  • Blouse with set-in sleeves.

Models of blouses are innumerable, but the main ones are: bodice, blouson, cowboy shirt, blouse, chemise, United chemise and many others.

How to order tailoring of tunics and blouses at the factory

Today to order a sewing tunics Kiev and other Ukrainian cities is not a problem. The main thing is to decide what material will be sewn in the product, what style, colors and models it will be. Tailoring of women's pants to order, the price of which is very high and is discussed personally with the master designer, along with the fitting and selected the perfect size, flattering. Exclusive version with a perfect fit and a separate figure and accentuate all the feminine charm and quality. Such just will not do in factories in mass tailoring.