Tailoring of women's pants

Tailoring of women's pants
Tailoring of women's pants

Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. This adage is known to all. So, if you want to look good in any case, it is necessary to take care that your clothes were high quality and made of natural materials. It is better to use the services of sewing workshops. For example, our sewing production offers sewing pants for women to order.

To realize the mass tailoring of female trousers, you need to have special equipment, purchase quality materials and good hardware. Because of the hardware also depends on how long they will serve the product. Our sewing production is cooperating with the best suppliers of fabrics and accessories, so ensure qualitative execution of orders of any complexity and any volume.

Types of women's pants

There are many types of women's pants. The complexity of Roy and the prices of the materials used, of course, depends on the cost of tailoring women's pants. There are some types of pants for women:

direct – this is the classic version. They can be the arrow and without. Chinos – also straight trousers, slightly rolled at the bottom.

Pipes – this is skinny pants.

Leggings are made of thin and elastic matter, well fit feet.

Wide – this model is freely fits. There are options for the summer (of thin material) and for winter (from the more dense).

Flare – makes the legs more slender visually. Pants can raskladyvaetsya from the hip and the knee.

Bananas – narrow model, which is sewn from a thin fabric or thick. Breeches – too skinny pants, they are great for women who have narrow hips.

Harem pants – a variant of East. Have loose-fitting, ankle-sewn elastics, great for summer.

Afghani is a feature of this model is that the Trouser-legs wide and the average seam is lowered to the bottom.

Culottes (the name speaks for itself).

Capri is a shortened model of the trousers, they sit firmly on the leg.

Modern fashion dictates its own rules, there are more and more different types of clothes. Our shop is interested in fashion, and introduces the most fashionable and stylish in their production.

How to order tailoring of women's pants

To order tailoring women's pants online. To do this is to visit the website of our garment production and leave its application. You can also call the number listed on the website phone number to discuss my order with the Manager. If necessary, he will answer all your questions.