Women's T-shirts

Women's T-shirts
Women's T-shirts

T-shirt is a thing that is certainly have in any wardrobe. And each person has t-shirts can be a huge amount, because they are comfortable to wear in different occasions. Mass tailoring of shirts is the ability to get clothing that exactly will meet all your requirements.

To carry out sewing of shirts to order, you need to have the appropriate equipment and staff that knows how to use this equipment. Will also need high-quality fabric, which will otsypatsya t-shirts, and accessories. It's all there at the sewing factory 'Katrina', for which tailoring of women's clothing in Kiev is one of the main profiles.

Assortment of t-shirts, otshivaem factory

There are many different t-shirts. This is because you can wear them in almost any situation – the gym, for a walk to the beach and just under the warm clothes. Thus, the t – shirt is a piece of clothing that can be worn all year round.

Katrina sews t-shirts everyday. They can be worn every day, they are the most comfortable and low maintenance. Sports t-shirts are good for training. Our sewing shop offers t-shirts made of natural materials that can absorb moisture and cool the body. You can also order business shirts. They are very similar to casual. Different from the lack of bright decorative elements. They are made mostly in light colors.

The form we offer t-shirt:

shirts – sleeveless with narrow shoulder;

sleeve up to half of the shoulder;

Polo with collar and buttons in the center of the neckline;

ringsliv – sleeve to the wrist;

extra long t – shirts that cover the buttocks.

For sewing t-shirts Katrina uses quality materials such as cotton, bamboo, polyester, viscose and years. The client can choose the fabric from which the shirt will be rebuffed.

Where to order tailoring of shirts

To order tailoring of women's clothing on the Internet. For this you need to visit the site of the garment factory 'Katrina'. Your application can send e-mail. You can also place an order by calling the website phone number. The Manager will calculate the cost of your work and to answer all questions about clothing. Making a choice in favor of tailoring, you will receive the clothes and in the quantities you need.