Womens Bathrobe

Womens Bathrobe
Womens Bathrobe

The robe is clothing for at home, which should be convenient and comfortable. Below that were the case, the gown should be sewn from high quality fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Tailoring of female coats

Sewing women's gowns custom made requires high-quality fabric and accessories. For the manufacture of clothing requires special equipment and professional handling equipment is able to use. All of these factors into account in the sewing shop Katrina. If you need to order a sewing women's gowns Kiev, you can feel free to apply here. Katrina takes orders of different volumes – as in sewing a series of clothing and individual models.

Types of women's bathrobes

The type of gown often depends upon the material from which it is sewn. Sew is a fabric of natural, artificial and synthetic.

The most popular type of Bathrobe – Terry. The fabric is soft, has NAP. Terry cloth robe can be natural or synthetic. In the first there is a 100 percent cotton, and synthetic – hundred percent polyester.

Often buy and velour products. They are quite attractive and elegant appearance. Often velour outside robe, and inside it is sheathed with knit or Terry cloth. The advantage of suede is that it is a natural fabric.

Very beautiful satin model. Atlas can be synthetic (it's cheaper) and natural (its price is higher, it is made of silk). You can even sew a gown, whose outer side is satin and the inner – Terry. The customer chooses the fabric, so the options can be very diverse.

There are knitted bathrobes. They are flexible and soft. It is best to wear them around the house in the summer, spring or fall.

There are fleece model. They are made from knitted synthetic fibers. Fleece robes are very warm, they can be worn in the cold season.

Simple waffle robe is sewn of cotton fabric. These are often offered in hotels, a beauty salon, and swimming pools.

One of the best options of the robe model from cotton as cotton it absorbs moisture. It is hypoallergenic and it promotes good ventilation of the body.

To order tailoring of women's bathrobes can be of any material.

How to order tailoring of female coats

Sewing bathrobes for women custom performs sewing factory Karina. To leave your request, you need to call the phone number listed on the website of the company. You can also leave to make the order by e-mail.