Womens t-shirts

Womens t-shirts
Womens t-shirts

According to the modern fashion in the wardrobe of every fashionista must be different shirts. They can be combined with pants, jeans, shorts and other clothing. There are many options for women's undershirts To get the one that will suit you best, you can use the 'sewing women's undershirts to order.'

Tailoring undershirt

If you want to create a fashionable summer 'onions', which without exaggeration can be called 'masthead', you should think about how to add to your wardrobe some fashionable shirts. Because this kind of clothing in the summer is simply irreplaceable. It is convenient and comfortable.

For sewing high-quality women's undershirts requires special equipment, which will be otsypatsya clothing as well as competent employees who will know how to use this equipment. Also, for tailoring needs high quality fabric and accessories. All this is on garment production Katrina.

Kind of fabric for women's undershirt

Tailoring t-shirts wholesale and in single copies in our sewing shop is made from different fabrics of high quality. We use cotton, linen, viscose, polyester. Also, some models can otsypatsya of cotton fabric. The customer can choose the fabric type.

There are different types of t-shirts, we can offer tailoring sports jerseys. Such models have the minimum of decorative elements. They are made of fabric that absorbs moisture. These shirts go perfectly with shorts, athletic pants.

The shaping of the model can visually make you slimmer. It is better to wear under jackets, blazers or cardigans.

Original look jerseys racer back. Their distinguishing feature is that the back two straps converge into one.

Summer models free, are made of breathable materials. Can be complemented by ruffles or lace, bows, sequins and so on.

Beach Mikey can be like underwear. They are a good match with skirts with lots of layers, shawls and shorts.

How to order tailoring for undershirts

Tailoring undershirts in Kiev offers sewing factory Katrina. Here you can order tailoring, as a whole lot of clothes, and separate instances. To apply, you need to call at the number listed on the website phone number or to send an order to us by email. Katrina is fulfilling all orders quickly and efficiently.