Womens sleepwear

Womens sleepwear
Womens sleepwear

Every woman wants to feel beautiful in any situation. And the house is no exception. That is why the fashion industry offers a huge number of pajamas – comfortable clothes for home and sleep. Order women's pajamas can not only in the online store, but the garment factory. Giving preference to making under your figure, you will get pajamas or a nightgown that will fit you perfectly.

Tailoring of women's pajamas

Tailoring of women's pajamas on order – this is one of the profiles of garment factory Katrina. There is all the necessary equipment for sewing. The sewing shop has partnered with reliable suppliers who sell quality fabrics and accessories. For pajamas predominant natural thread with a small percentage of synthetic inclusions. This matter will be well snugly to the body and wear-resistant. Because of this sleep in pajamas will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Tailoring of women's pajamas Kiev to order from Katrina, both mass and individual. The shop takes orders of different volumes.

Types of women's pajamas

Before you order the mass tailoring of female pajamas wholesale or to make a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the types of pajamas and shirts. So there are models:

classic (pajamas this cut is from the wide suit pants and shirts loose form; outwardly, this model has great similarity with the male);

pajamas with breeches, Capri pants, shorts (this option is similar to light weight classic). For such sleepwear choose viscose, silk, satin. The model of such a cut are worn in a warm season; the top of the pajamas may be in the form of a shirt, top or t-shirt, if shirt, the sleeve can be shortened. All this is done to make the woman feel more comfortable in the summer;

in the form of a Romper is a one piece model is made of soft material – fleece, velour, Terry; the kind of pajamas to sleep well in winter;

sexy models – very beautiful and feminine, they are sewed from a thin, translucent fabrics such as satin, viscose, silk, satin. For decoration can be used lace panels.

Where to order tailoring of women's pajamas

You need a sewing of women's nightgowns? Then contact the sewing shop 'Karina'. You can order tailoring women's nightgown in all sizes and volumes. To make a reservation should call the number listed on the website phone number or send your request via e-mail.