Woman bodysuit

Woman bodysuit
Woman bodysuit

"The womens bodysuits is almost universal clothing. It is not inferior in their characteristics to the shirts, the jackets, the blouses. And in some aspects even surpasses them. Body makes a woman more sexy and confident. Therefore, more and more women want to have that item in your closet that would perfectly match their figure. Well, if a piece is unusual or you need a special model suitable outfit? Then it is advisable to contact the sewing shop that offers the service 'sewing bodysuit for women to order.'

Tailoring the womens bodysuits requires high-quality fabric and accessories. Sewing factory 'Katrina' cooperates with reliable suppliers of such materials, so the mass tailoring of womens bodysuits – not a problem for her. In the shops there is also all the necessary equipment to create these fashion masterpieces.

What are the different types of womens bodysuits

To order sewing bodysuits for women, we must clearly know what it is, and what types of body there are. This piece of clothing is perfectly combined with other garments, trousers, jeans, skirts and even shorts. Bodysuit – independent item of clothing as well as blouse or skirt. In Patriotic fashion, he appeared not so long ago. Many call this item of clothing combersom. Although actually bodyshirt also belongs to the category of underwear. To use it as a clothes obscene. Bodysuit can be worn under a jacket or with a skirt, trousers.

There are different types of bodysuit, among which I would like to mention:

  • in the form of a turtleneck or bodysuit has long sleeves, high collar protects from wind and cold (this is the most popular and practical form body);
  • in the form of shirts or blouses – this bodysuit goes well with office skirts, pants, classic trousers;
  • body linen – it can be used as a separate garment. Designers offer different models: long and short sleeves, thin or wide straps, full panty-slips or g-string, high neck or deep neckline;
  • lace models always look seductive and win-win, and lace lingerie.

How to order tailoring bodysuit for women

Order women's bodysuit sewing on garment factory Katrina. Here tailoring of the body is carried out according to the orders received on the website on the phone number. Also you can request it by writing an e-mail. Katrina takes orders for mass tailoring, and individual parties.