Women's underwear

Women's underwear
Women's underwear

Lingerie for a woman should be not only perfectly matched in size, but is also just beautiful. It is often difficult to choose the perfect bra or the combination for her figure. In this case, that can help in the tailoring of lingerie at the factory. Sewing shop Katrina accepts single orders, and can also undertake bulk tailoring women's underwear.

Sewing women's underwear

Sewing lingerie Kyiv prefers to do in the factories that have all the necessary equipment to perform the tasks. Required for sewing high-quality fabric and fittings. Using only these materials, you can create real masterpieces of lingerie.

Types of women's underwear

There are many types of lingerie. To order the tailoring of lingerie wholesale, you need to understand the basic types. So, are these types of bras – lingerie, which supports the chest:

push up – it helps to visually enlarge the breast by spickerman where the foam is embedded;

balconette – leaves a large neckline, well supports the Breasts from below, maybe without straps;

bra without frames – supports the chest solely because-there straps suspend;

for nursing mothers – its design includes the ability to unfasten the top item cups for feeding babies;

frames – at the bottom of this model has a curved metal strip helping to hold the shape;

with lining – visually adds breast volume due to bond two or more layers of tissue;

with soft cups is made from pleasant to the body and to the touch, soft material;

with molded Cup – natural breast shape is created due to the fact that the Cup is made of a single piece of material;

with removable straps – in this model, the straps can be removed or replaced by others;

combination – a bra connected to the skirt and dress;

bra-top – a kind of vest with cups;

the bustier is a bra that resembles a cropped shirt;

grace – in this model, the pants connect with the bra and fastened from below;

the corset is made from a dense material, can reach up to mid-thigh, perfectly supports the Breasts and corrects the figure.

How to order tailoring of lingerie

To order sewing underwear on the site of the garment factory 'Katrina'. You need to call at the number listed on the website phone and place an order.