Skirts sewing

Skirts sewing
Skirts sewing

Individual tailoring of skirts to order in Kiev quickly and efficiently. At work, party or weekend day you will look flawless in a skirt made to order by our craftsmen.

пошив юбки

The skirt is the top class of women's fashion, they take pride of place in women's wardrobe. Today a large selection of skirts, from miniskirts to long skirts of different fabrics. Every woman in service should be a pencil skirt, skater skirt-flared or bell. You don't need to go shopping and look for a compromise between the ideal style, color and quality. Order your sewing skirts to order them from the factory Katrina and get this combination in one product.

Remember that individual tailoring of women's clothing to order in the Atelier Katrina quality is always superior to the factory thing. The skirt will sit perfectly on Your figure and delight you and others. Thus, high-quality tailoring of a skirt will cost You not expensive.

Skirt, as the dress must necessarily be in the wardrobe of every women, ladies, girls. Often the perfect skirt that would blend in with your favorite blouse and is perfect to the figure, it is difficult to find in the store or boutique. A great option would be sewing skirts at the factory. In this case, you will get exactly the thing wanted.

Mass tailoring skirts Kiev prefers to order to famous garment production. An example of such a factory is 'Katrina'. Here is everything you need for sewing skirts and other apparel for men and women. The shop cooperates with reliable suppliers of fabrics and accessories, allowing you to produce quality designs that will satisfy even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of fashion.

Skirt – it's aerobatics in fashion. After all, this accessory emphasizes the femininity and delicacy of the figure. Large selection of skirts allows you to choose the one that most you like.

The cost of tailoring skirts

The cost of tailoring the standard skirts is not much different. The price of the finished product largely depends on the fabric and accessories You select. The cost of tailoring skirts also depends on the complexity of the product and the difficulty of handling the fabric.

In any case, the prices in our Studio are very affordable and does not force You to give up personal tailoring.

Feel free to call us and we will advise You on all your questions.

Skirt that sews our shop

Modern fashion offers a great selection of skirts. Tailoring skirts to order in the shop of Katrina possible of almost any kind, namely:

  • pencil (line of knee-high silhouette that gracefully accentuates the curves of the figure);
  • Tulip, a cylinder barrel (resembles the shape of a Tulip – free in the hips, and tapers to the knees);
  • A-silhouette (shape A);
  • the bell (similar to the Tulip, is characterized in that less tapers to the bottom);
  • the year or fish (tight on top, but becomes wider at the bottom);
  • sun flare (sewn from a single piece of matter in the form of a circle);
  • blade (shaped like a skater, characterized in that it is sewn from pieces of cloth, not one solid piece);
  • pleated;
  • pleated;
  • pack (like a ballerina skirt);
  • with plenty of tiers;
  • Kargo (straight skirt with pockets and different decorative elements);
  • skirt shorts;
  • skirt-pants;
  • skirt wrap (this model is made with the use of crinoline).

Which skirt is more suitable for you, choose only to you! Katrina takes orders for tailoring, as a series and in a single instance.

Where to order sewing skirts

To order the tailoring of the skirt on the garment factory Katrina. For this you need to visit the site of garment production. There you will see a phone number where you can call and order tailoring the right amount for you skirts. Also you can send your application by e-mail. Turning to us, you get quality execution of orders of any complexity and any volume.