Tailoring promotional clothing

Promotional clothing is a specially designed clothing line, whose main objective is the promotion of a particular brand. Today, it is one of the most effective and productive methods of advertising. Clothing for promotions works as follows: on sweatshirts, t-shirts, ties, caps applied logo promoted the company, they dress up to promoters and attract the attention of potential customers.

пошив промо одежды

In this case, clothing is an effective advertising medium. In most cases, such things as dress up during the various presentations or promotions.

Sewing of promotional clothing

The person who wears the clothing with the logo of the promoted brand, attracted many passers-by. Indeed, in most cases such things are very bright, original and exclusive. Sewing factory 'Katrina' offers its customers, tailoring promotional clothing of any complexity. Designers and cutters, we will develop for you a sketch of future things, taking into account all your wishes and recommendations. Also you will easily be able to order tailoring for promotions on own drawings and sketches. We have made promotional clothing is not only beautiful and bright, but also convenient and comfortable to wear.

пошив одежды для промо-акций

The clothing we produce is clearly to provide customers with the standards of quality fabrics.

The cost of tailoring promotional clothing

It is impossible to pinpoint the cost of tailoring promotional clothing, as it depends on many criteria. Namely:

the order quantity;

the complexity of the work;

the material from which were made clothes;

the quantity of time.

пошив одежды для рекламных акций

Craftsmen who are working to create things for promotions in their work are creative, so ready to realize even the most daring and creative ideas of the customer.

How to order tailoring of promotional clothing?

You need high-quality, original and unusual promotional clothing Kiev? Order it on the website garment factory 'Katrina'. This can be done over the phone or during a personal meeting in our production. Then our experts sew for you a sample of the future product, you are saying it and we run the clothes in the production. The main advantage of such cooperation is that clothes made by us will meet all your requirements.

Promotional clothing price on our website are available to every customer.