Sewing flags

If you have a big or even small company, well understand the role of advertising for business today. You should competently and beautifully to be able to submit your company to attract more customers. The flag for the company is exactly what you need. You can order a large flag on the facade of the building in which your business is located, as well as a small table flags on the tables of your workers. It would seem, a trifle, but it will be able to show your customers that you have thought through every detail.

Sewing flags for the order – this is a very popular service to date. There are several methods of creating them. The most popular are screen printing, sublimation and direct printing. Each species has its own characteristics. For example, if you create flags used sublimation and video technology, in the end, your order will cost several times cheaper than using stencil techniques. In addition, flags will be ready in a short time, and have a high level of resistance to different climatic factors.


On our site you can order tailoring of flags of different shapes, sizes and colors. Here you will also find many samples of already made products:

facade flags;

flags of different countries and States;

advertising flags;

Board and corporate flags for your organization;


the signal flags;

flags of different international organizations and agencies;

accessories for flag products, etc.

Modern technologies allow to produce textiles of different complexity images without any restrictions. The technique of the manufacture of flags is fully consistent with the norms and requirements of GOST. For their production are used only high quality materials.

How to order dressmaking flags

To order flags, you can in the online shop or contact our Manager. Manufacturer of custom flags is a case we successfully engaged not the first year. On the website of our garment factory you will find sketches of the finished product. We will soon be able to cope with orders of any complexity and scale. To clarify the terms of the purchase and you can guarantee any time our Manager, who will gladly answer all your questions. We can also deliver your order anywhere in our country.