Promotional t-shirts

If you are a private entrepreneur, then, certainly, you know, that the conduct of promotions in clothes with printed company brand is much more effective than in normal clothes. Sewing shirts for promotions is one of the areas of our work. So if you need these shirts in different quantities, you can feel free to contact us. Sewing shirts for promotions Kyiv often eating it on our sewing production.

Tailoring promotional t-shirts

Tailoring promotional t-shirts is an activity for which you need special sewing equipment. In our sewing shops there is everything you need to create quality clothing for any occasion.

пошив промо футболок

T-shirt can be a regular part of your wardrobe, and maybe a work suit for promotions. If the promoter will be in bright clothes with the logo, it will immediately allocate it among the crowd of others. Also some employers make branded t shirts a part of workplace attire.

Design of the logo, the quality of the materials used may indicate the status of the company, which advertises your product or service.

High quality t shirt can become an advertising medium. Such a product with a bright print looks great on the promoter. It is for this reason sewing shirts for promotions – it's quite a profitable investment. According to researchers, people are faster to 'read' the original clothes than on TV or the Internet.

футболки для промо акций

Why sewing shirts for promotions it's better to order in our production?

  • here carry out the order quickly and efficiently;
  • possible tailoring of products according to customer's measurements;
  • application of various methods of drawing;
  • huge selection of colors.

Kinds of t-shirts for promotions

T-shirts are different – with sleeves and without, for both men and women. They may differ in design, method of drawing. T-shirts can have a different shape. They can be a logo by using different techniques:

  • digital printing;
  • press;
  • embroidery.

How to order sewing shirts for promotions

Tailoring of promotional t-shirts in bulk is a service which often used by large companies. We also accept small orders. Always perform the work on time. To order sewing shirts for promotions, you need to leave the application on our website. You can also contact our Manager (phone number you will also find on the website).

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