Promo jacket

The promotion is part of the advertising campaign, which from time to time holds any firm, organization. To such action is successful, you need to take care not only about the script but about the clothes and the people who will lead the promotion. It would be much better if the promoters will put on special clothes for promotional with printed logo.

Tailoring promotional jackets

Tailoring of jackets for promotion is one of the areas of our work. If you are in need of jacket with original design that tells about your company, you can feel free to contact us. We efficiently fulfill orders of any complexity. Our shop works with individual clients and with large wholesale customers.

Jackets for great promotions allow you to advertise your organization, especially if work is connected with constant 'attacks' in the city (for example in courier services, public utilities, industrial climbers, etc.). You have a great opportunity to advertise their firm with their own employees. In a jacket with the company logo, your employees will not be afraid of any bad weather.

Tailoring jackets to promo very relevant if the action is on the street. Because of this the logo of your company will be able to see the maximum number of people.

Types of jackets for promotions

Advertising on the street use special clothing with company logos. If the shares are held in the cooler seasons, it is better to opt for promotional jackets. They are different – made of various materials, for men and women, hooded and without. Also can have a different method of drawing. There are several options. Can be used:

  • embroidery;
  • screen printing;
  • termotransfer.

Embroidery is always beautiful. It does not fade and does not fade, because our clothing manufacture uses quality threads and materials. Screen printing is an expensive method that fully pays for itself in the future. Allows you to picture that for a long time will keep its beautiful appearance. Thermal transfer is the transfer of the pattern onto the fabric with a special press. This method allows you to use a wide palette of colors.

How to enjoy sewing jackets for promotions

To enjoy sewing jackets for promotions in our sewing shop. It is necessary to leave the application on our website or call the number indicated on the Internet site.