Promo vests

Tailoring of vests for promotions is one of the areas of activity of our sewing production. If you need such clothing in different quantities, so you can feel free to contact us.

Tailoring of vests for promotions

Most entrepreneurs know: carrying out promo actions in special clothes, much better than usual. So much faster to interest new customers. Bright clothes promoters with bright logos will help them to stand out among the crowd.

промо жилеты

In our shop you can order tailoring of promotional vests as standard patterns, and measurements. There is also the possibility to order the development of models by our designers.

We value our customers and always adhere to the stipulated terms of the order. We accept orders for tailoring of promotional vests, for women and for men. Our sewing production can provide services and also for branding the clothes. To enhance the advertising effect of promotional activities and to promote the brand, offer to put your logo on clothing. This will enhance the prestige of your company and make the logo more recognizable.

Types of promotional vests

Promotility can be for men and women. They can vary the method of drawing. It could be machine embroidery or digital printing. Embroidery has a more respectable appearance. It will help improve the respectability of your company in the eyes of potential customers. Ordering sewing promotional jackets Kiev with embroidery, you will receive a quality product, which for a long time will not lose its appearance. Embroidery does not fade, does not fade in the sun and not deformed. And all because we use high quality threads.

пошив промо жилетов

Print pattern with a thermal transfer press will very quickly create the fabric bright and juicy picture. When printing you can use wide color gamut, so no restrictions on color virtually no.

How to order vests for promotions

Tailoring promotional vests wholesale no problem for us. Our sewing production runs and small orders. So, if you want to get big or small quality vests, you must make an application on our website. You can use the convenient order form or call the site phone number to leave a request to our Manager. Tailoring time of the party can be discussed when ordering. Possible urgent execution of the order for promotions.