Promotional clothing

Most of the owners from time to time, various promotions. Everyone understands that they are much more effective if the workers are dressed in promotional clothing. For promotions you need to take care of promotional clothing. Because it is not only possible to dress their employees, such clothing to be handed out to people who will participate in your campaign. In this case, the promotion will surely interest people and will greatly increase the interest in your products. To implement the similar idea, we need to find a firm that offers tailoring of promotional products. For this you can contact our sewing shop. Sewing promotional textile is one of the profiles of our work.

Sewing of promotional clothing

Tailoring promotional products order requires special equipment to work with fabrics. On our sewing production has everything you need for cutting and sewing clothes of any orientation.

Clothes for advertising certainly have an interesting picture or inscription. It can be your company logo or slogan. Bright clothes always attracts attention. So why not use this moment in advertising?

During the sewing of promotional clothing, you can use different ways of drawing on clothes:

thermal transfer;



Embroidery is the most durable method. It almost does not fade in the sun and does not fade during washing. So that the embroidery longer retain their attractive appearance, our sewing shop is using quality thread.

Screen printing and thermal transfer methods allow you to use a wide palette of colors. This allows you to recreate virtually any graphic on clothing.

The types of promotional clothing

The most common type of promotional clothing is t-shirts. With them look great caps, or baseball caps with slogans and logos. T-shirts can be used independently. To include promotional clothing and bandanas, scarves. If you decide to conduct an advertising campaign in a cool time of the year, then it is better to opt for a sweatshirt or jacket. Promotional information can be printed on shirts, t-shirts, windbreakers.

How to order tailoring promotional clothing

To order tailoring promotional clothing of high quality on the website of our garment production, where you can request or call a specified phone number. Our Manager will take your application and answer all questions.