Promo capes

Promo poncho is a bright and cheap way to promote your company or product, advertising dickies logo is a quick way to attract the attention of potential customers.

A very popular form of advertising is considered promotional clothing, and the easiest option is the promotional capes. During promotions, events, concerts, festivals or just to promote the product and services is convenient, easy and cheap form of advertising.

промо накидки

The advertising campaign will be a success and will be remembered by potential clients, if you use bright branded promotional ponchos. This kind of promo clothes is the most convenient for the promoters, do not need to change, because the cover simply fits over the clothes, not hold down movements, easily transportable, has a low weight and dimensions.

Tailoring promotional capes

Promotional dickies to manufacture not take much time, they take a little material and labor costs. Tailoring promotional capes are made at the garment factory of Katrina in a short time. Promotional poncho with logo the most common form of this kind of promotional clothing. Factory Katrina provides branding and promotional shawls.

пошив промо накидок

Tailoring promotional capes in the sewing workshop of our factory is high quality, quickly and economically.

We are not a broker - we are the Ukrainian manufacturer of promotional clothing.

To order the promotional capes

To order tailoring promotional capes you can call on the phone or send an e-mail. Managers of our Department will contact you to confirm all data. Tailoring promotional capes on order in Kiev can be easily accomplished with our help, call today.

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