Sewing workshop

We present a sewing shop making clothes, small batches and large wholesale. Our mini sewing factory is located in Kiev. Our sewing workshop is equipped with all necessary equipment for sewing men's, women's and children's clothing from virtually all types of tissue. Our advantage is that we pay enough time to work with the customer, help with choosing fabric, selecting the hardware to be jointly developed model before you sew the prototype. Our seamstresses will fulfill Your order quickly and efficiently, you will be satisfied. Call and make an appointment right now!

Sewing workshop Ukraine

Design, development of patterns, manufacturing of clothing, accessories, textiles and decor is everything you can order in our sewing shop. Mass tailoring of clothes in Kiev to order. The main directions of the sewing workshop: sewing clothes, sewing of promotional and corporate clothing tailoring clothing accessories sewing decor drawing symbols Souvenirs tailoring catering and home textiles sewing clothes and uniforms, and more clothing in small, medium, large parties.You give us a sketch and our experts develop patterns, otshivaem sample of your material and run the series in your sewing workshop.Work with a variety of textile and knitted fabrics., decorative materials and materials for workwear