Sewing textiles

Order custom textiles for restaurants, hotels, baths, saunas, home textiles.

Tailoring textiles to order quickly and efficiently.

Sewing textiles are custom made for every need, in bulk and in a single instance. We specializiruetsya in sewing all range of home textiles and decor for restaurants, hotels and other establishments. Also offer You to produce textiles for the sauna and bath such as towels, sheets, and clothes and accessories themed destination. Design projects for themed rooms and much more.

текстиль для ресторанов и гостиниц

Home textile

Home textiles and kitchen textiles we use daily, these items should be as practical and at the same time beautiful. Household textiles can be both economy and exclusive options. We offer sewing of home textiles to the order qualitatively and in time.

пошив домашнего текстиля

To order textiles for the house, you can contact our specialists by phone specified in contacts on our website. Call and order tailoring of textiles for the home and you will be satisfied with the quality.

Textile for restaurants

Quality and stylish textile for restaurants is the face of any self-respecting institution. Catering textiles always set the style and tone of the room.

A textile design for restaurants should properly blend with the interior to create contrast and a cosy atmosphere. Our production offers high-quality tailoring, textile for restaurants, fulfill orders quickly.
пошив текстиля для ресторанов

High quality sewing decor for restaurants, tablecloths and napkins, chair covers, as well as the rest of textiles for the restaurant.

The cost of textiles for the restaurant depends on different factors such as type of fabric, complexity of design, sizes and patterns. Call us and we will advise You on any matters concerning the tailoring of restaurant textiles.

Textiles for hotels

We offer services for the manufacture and sewing of textiles for hotels and hotels, as well as textile for SPA and sauna.

Hotel textiles, is the signature style and comfort for guests who need to feel better and more comfortable than at home.
пошив текстиля для гостиниц

Textile for hotels, you always have to meet high requirements. Tailoring textiles to hotels must comply with the standards and have a high quality of tailoring and durability and be resistant to wear.

If You want to order textiles for hotels, just call our experts and they will take the order.

пошив текстиля для отелей