Sewing tablecloths and napkins

To order sewing tablecloths for restaurants, cafes, home or kitchen.

High quality and fast sewing tablecloths in Kiev to order.

Sewing sewing tablecloths and napkins oval, or any other. Sewing tablecloths will help You create a unique style, to give the exclusivity of the table in a restaurant, cafe or at home in the kitchen.

Our Studio offers sewing tablecloths and napkins, sewing of tablecloth-covers and many other textile products for restaurants and home. The tablecloth is the primary object of attention in the room and have to set the style and emphasize elements of the interior. A wide range of fabrics for tablecloths such as cotton, linen, polyester and special pycnostachya fabrics and Teflon cloth will not be able to limit your choice and make products are not only beautiful but also durable.
пошив скатерти

Our specialists will perform sewing of tablecloths of any shape: oval, round, rectangular, square shape and combination options.

Tablecloths for restaurants and cafes

Sewing tablecloths for restaurants, napkins and other decor elements is a necessity for any self-respecting institution. All these details gives the interior a touch of exclusivity and completeness to a room. Tablecloths for restaurants is one of the main decorations of the restaurant and the main decoration of the table and interior. In combination with the napkins and other items of restaurant textiles you will get a complete song.

пошив скатертей для ресторанов

To order sewing tablecloths for restaurants, you can call our specialists by phone specified in contacts.

Table linens for home and kitchen

To order tablecloths for home of any size and shape to choose the right combination of materials for the interior. Sewing tablecloths for the home the best choice for search ready-made in stores that are completely still You are not satisfied.

пошив скатертей

Tablecloth for the kitchen and home is often difficult difficult to choose the right size, color and material. Sewing tablecloths for the kitchen to order solves this problem completely. You can adjust any settings the tablecloth, the shape and size of panels and fabrics and types of processing of the edge of the tablecloth.

No need to compromise in shops, order your sewing tablecloths from us by calling our experts.