Clothing branding

Clothing branding
Clothing branding

Want to distinguish your company among others, and to emphasize its uniqueness? Then you need branding clothes. Is the process of coating special company logos on jackets, caps, ties and the like. Entrepreneurs who are in business for years you know that today is the most effective and popular method of advertising brands. A logo helps the company to gain a proper reputation from the customers, stand out among its competitors. Many organizations renderout the clothes of their employees, as this once again underlines the professionalism and evokes a feeling of trust in potential customers.

Methods of branding clothing

Before ordering the branding of clothes, decide the method of applying the logos. The most popular among them Kiev, Ukraine:

silk-screen printing – corporate logos are transferred to a certain thing with film that was pre-cut by a plotter, under strong pressure press;

embroidery – is characterized by durability and aesthetic appearance. While branding things use only high-quality colored threads;

screen printing is a process for reproducing images and printing with special inks, screen printing forms. Apply the logos according to the method can be used on any clothing, they will look stylish and bright.

The application of the brand for corporate and special clothes

Branded clothing can help your organization look more presentable, well-groomed and aesthetically pleasing. The application of the brand for clothing and creating your own corporate identity will help you take the company to new, professional level and gain a proper reputation among clients. The most optimal thing possible to put required logo is t-shirt. She is versatile and suitable for companies that work in either direction. Also an integral part of the workwear can be a baseball cap with the logo. Headgear in winter is possible to change the cap.

How to order custom clothing?

If you need branding custom clothing, then without delay seek help at the sewing factory 'Katrina'. Experts who work for us, if necessary, will develop for you a unique logo or put on clothes ready. All our stuff are of high quality, because during production, we use quality materials and modern equipment.