Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery
Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery on fabric, clothes, shirt, overalls, a towel, a tablecloth or napkin logo, text, graphic, logos, patches, monograms to order. Computer embroidery from pattern to order Kiev. Custom embroidery is high quality and bright.

Computer embroidery is a great way to decorate a product of almost any image or logo. Machine embroidery allows you to make Your thing brighter and more recognizable. Logo embroidery allows us to increase awareness of the company, to embroider the logo on clothing or hotel and restaurant textiles it shows the level and increases Your level in the eyes of customers.


Машинная вышивка

Embroidery of corporate symbols

Embroidery logo on the uniform or clothing of staff is the image of the company and a great opportunity to Express yourself. Embroidery emblems and stripes are in demand in any area and should not fail to attract the attention of existing and new audiences. To order embroidery logo very easily - call our experts and send a sketch to e-mail. If You don't have a sketch we will make it ourselves.


Quality machine embroidery to order Kiev order from us. Designs in machine embroidery schemes and develop themselves with Your words or pictures.

Machine embroidery on clothing is not only high quality PR move, but the ability to please their loved ones. Embroidery on t-shirts for a gift to a friend, embroidery monograms on wedding napkins or embroidery on towels - nice and original gift.

Computer embroidery on textiles for restaurants and hotels. Embroidery on tablecloths, napkins, sheets and pillowcases.

Computer embroidery on clothing in almost any material.