Tailoring to order is not a fad, it is the need of a person who cares about the easiness of your outfit and pizzazz to the appearance. And man and woman wants to look stylish, original and at the same time feel comfortable. Individual approach to your outfit, customized templates for Your figure, individual elements of the design of clothing, original items will provide you all these qualities will make your clothes feel comfortable, will emphasize the advantages of Your figure and hide flaws.

Tailoring in Ukraine

Garment factory Katrina offers You the most comprehensive range of clothing as everyday and weekend clothes. We create stylish and comfortable clothes with pictures of magazines or photos which will sit on Your figure perfectly.


Tailoring clothes for men

For men we have a large selection of models, as well as suggestions for outerwear. Shirts, business suits, jackets, coats - everything to make You look perfect.

Tailoring clothes for women

We know what women need. Look spectacular, and that impression was comfortable. Women we can offer sewing skirts, dresses, blouses, business suits and overcoats, coats, blazers, jackets. Individual dress, the skirt is exclusive and original coat, we will be able to emphasize all your best qualities of the figure. You'll be irresistible.

Sewing clothes for children

As a mom, I know that your child is always doing and wish you all the best. The child should be comfortable and comfortable to move and explore the world without being distracted by minor inconveniences or defects original clothes. Sewing clothes for kids is the best thing we can offer Your children.

 Sewing clothes

Our craftsmen have an individual approach to each client and creatively to his clothes, to bring to life the most innovative ideas. Let us do your tailoring and you will see how much it is comfortable and beautiful to wear is an individual thing which You have chosen. Tailoring to order it so just as the creation of luxurious wedding dresses, stylish cashmere coat or formal business suit. Our factory produce unique models of men's, women's, children's clothing. And most important, thing, custom, meets all Your wishes!