Creating a fashion collection

Creating a fashion collection
Creating a fashion collection

Developing a clothing collection – it is very troublesome and responsible. You need to have design talent, to master the basic techniques of cutting and sewing, a good grasp of fashion trends. The main thing that is necessary for the development of your own collection is a concept that is the idea. It agree, it is very difficult to create something new from nothing starting and not inspired by anything.

To develop a collection competently and harmoniously can only be trained to a designer or a tailor. Beginners who are just discovering sewing, making it very difficult. To help you design the first collection will be the professionals who work in a garment factory Katrina.

How to create your own collection of clothing?

Before you create your collection, answer the basic question: 'Who and for what reason will be able to wear those clothes?'. Only when it is necessary to consider the fact that your chosen one or a couple of styles should look in the entire collection. It's just impossible to sew one thing in the style of the country and the other in modern style. That is why it is very important to define the concept of the future collection and build on it.

Create a collection of clothes includes a selection of color style. Don't need a lump sum to combine the products more than 3-4 colors, but if you already did that, then try to identify a dominant color, and then the rest will serve as its background.

Who ordered the development of a clothing collection?

If you need to order the development of collections of clothes, we encourage you to seek the assistance of a garment factory Katrina. Here for you, ready to efficiently and quickly create a new, stylish and modern model of clothing that meets all your expectations. To do this, designers take into account your basic concept, clarify the details with you on sketches and exact description of the models. Advanced equipment installed at the factory, provides an opportunity to implement the most complex and daring ideas – from cutting fabric to packaging finished products. We are open to collaborating on a single or on an ongoing basis. Our highly skilled cutters will develop a collection of clothes in strict accordance with your specifications, taking into account the latest fashion trends.